Ferries and hydrofoils in Italy

Plenty of Ferries, Hydrofoils, and ships are in service now on the coastline in Italy; this is a productive sector for the Italian economy nowadays. Italy has around 8,490 kilometers of coastline that are being used by many companies like Ferrovie Dello Stato, Grandi Traghetti, Tirrenia Navigazione, and Moby Lines.

All the islands in Sardinia and Sicily are connected by ports of Genoa Livorno, La Spezia, and Naples, thanks to ferries and hydrofoil companies. There are also international ferry services between Italy and other European countries.

Currently, these services are in high demand. If you are thinking of visiting this attractive place: booking with anticipation is compulsory and keep in mind that trips for longer routes are not frequent. The favorite destinations for most significant companies are Adriatic Coast, Bay of Naples, Elba, Lipari Islands, Sardinia, and Sicily.

Summertime is the favorite season to visit the coast side and enjoy the marine breeze; however, it is a bit more expensive in summer than in winter.

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