MBA Schools in Italy

Have you finished your business studies at college? So what else? 

If you are passionate about business and want to be a competent professional, then you must think of enrolling in a master of business administration. 

What about MBA schools in Italy? 

Italy is a country where people can find excellent universities to take an MBA. Whether you are living in Italy or you are thinking of pursuing an MBA in this country, you must know that different business schools offer high-quality MBA programs that can suit your needs, budget, and time. An MBA is nowadays a necessity for business people who want to be well prepared for the current business environment.

Let us first check what an MBA involves, some things about an MBA School in Italy, and finally let us see a few business schools which offer MBA programs in Italy.

What is an MBA?

An MBA – Masters in Business Administration – is a master’s degree in business management. This program is designed to introduce students into different management areas like accounting, finance, marketing, operations management, human resources, etc.

Taking an MBA program will provide you with all the knowledge and all the experience that you need for being part of a globalized world. The program will enhance all your management skills and your business expertise, preparing you for the business field, delivering new opportunities for your career.

The program lasts from one to two years or sometimes more. The degree will raise your status in the company you are working for and will prepare you for many different situations in a lifetime of management.

MBA Schools in Italy

Although there could be other countries such as the USA and UK that offer great MBA courses, Italy has gained quickly a reputation of being a European country that provides high-quality MBA programs. 

Taking an MBA school in Italy allows students to get a reliable and great foundation in business. MBA courses in Italy include a theoretical and practical approach with specializations in marketing, accounting, management, finance, human resources, e-commerce so that you can pursue your studies in the area of your choice.

Most of the MBA programs in Italy are given in English, that is why students must have a good command of the language in all forms: speaking, writing, understanding, etc. Apart from the language requirements are passing the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), having work experience (desired), or having an excellent academic background, among others. An interview with the university authorities will be necessary to be admitted by the business school.

It would be best if you look for accredited schools, which offer high-quality programs, instructors, organizations, among others.

Here we present you with some business schools, where you can take an MBA in Italy. Notice that this is just a few samples of the wide range of universities you can consider:

European School of Economics

The MBA program in this business school offers areas of specialization such as international finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and international business. ESE Rome (Also in Milan and Florence)

Via Sant’ Erasmo, 2
00184 Roma – Italia
Tel: +39 06 48 90 66 53
E-mail: [email protected]


It offers full time and part-time MBA programs. The full-time MBA program (11 months) is focused on developing students’ management and leadership skills. The second part of the program is taken in North America, The part-time program lasts two years, and students will also study in North America.

Via Collegio, 40
31011 Asolo (TV) Italy
Tel: +39 04 23 95 10 90
E-mail: [email protected]


It offers a part-time Executive Master of Business Administration program that is focused on providing students with knowledge in Management. It is for professionals who have experience in the business. The program lasts 20 months.

Villa Valmarana Morosini – Altavilla Vicentina (VI) Italy
Tel: +39 04 44 33 37 11


It offers an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability program. This full-time course is focused on Management and allows students to study in close contact with European and Italian companies. It offers internships and job placement.

Via San Vittore 18
Milan – Italy
Tel: + 39 02 48 51 71 56
Email: [email protected]

Here you can find more information on Education in Italy System, as well.

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