Milan Cafè

The Italians, and the Milanese also, love to drink coffee at any time of the day. Here we propose a list of Milan carè where you can drink a real good coffee or a cappuccino and maybe eat a pastry or a slice of cake.

  • Café Marino Alla Scala

It has classical design elements, including light pillars and flat-screen monitors, on its walls. Besides, it has excellent facilities, and it offers a tasty variety of dishes.

Piazza Della Scala 5.

  • Café Rita

It is the area of Naviglio. Rita’s café offers something special, with its mix of guests, exquisite appetizers such as pies and other specialities, Café Rita will convince you to back more than twice.

Via Fumagalli

  • Just Cavalli Café

It is one of the most famous Milan cafè, which belongs to the fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. It is also an excellent restaurant with many dishes to offer. The area around this place is also beautiful and gives a special touch to the café.

Via L. Camoens

  • Café Sant’Ambroseus

It can be considered as one of the best pastry & coffee shops in Milan. It offers excellent service. If you go there try its heavenly espresso. Famous designers love this place.

Corso Matteotti 7, Milano

  • Café Luini

It is a small bakery near the Duomo. If you want to try something different from the usual sandwiches in the centre of the city, you have to consider going to this café. Try the delicious panzerotti, made with pizza dough and filled with fresh cheese and everything you prefer from mushrooms to spinach.

Via S Radegonda 16.

  • Baglioni Caffé

An elegant café inside Hotel Baglioni which allows people to enjoy a private exit. It also offers lunch.

Via Senato 5.

  • Café Marchesi

Another elegant café, where people can try delightful cakes. If you go there for a drink, don’t forget to ask for a Negroni.

11 Via Santa Maria Alla Porta.

  • Pasticcercia Cova

If you are fond of fashion and you are visiting the fashion district, then you must stop here for a carè and a cupcake. the service is impeccable: efficient, professional and attentive.

The coffee is excellent, and its confectionery will win you over. 

Via Montenapoleone 8

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