Best Way to Learn Italian on Your Own (The Top Tools You Need)

Best Way to Learn Italian on Your Own

Many of you wonder what the best way to learn Italian on your own is.

This is not a simple question. There are many resources that you can use, depending on your attitude.

So we will suggest here below different kinds of tools that can best match your nature, and you can choose the one that suits you.

Indeed, among the best ways to learn Italian on your own, you can choose an online course, or listening to music, watching a movie, or a podcast.

Around 63 million people in the world speak Italian as their first language, and approximately 3 million speak it as a second language.

If you already speak a Latin language, such as Spanish, it will surely be easier for you. But in truth, many people have told us that even for those who speak English, it is not such a difficult language to learn.

The tricky thing is to choose the right tool for you and get into the right mood. Of course, as in all things, it also takes effort and commitment. But there are many engaging and funny tools that you can try. So you won’t get bored.

So if you are wondering what the best way to learn Italian on your own is, this article is for you.

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Best online Italian Course (Audio)

ROCKET LANGUAGES LOGO Just Italy Travel Resources

This is our favorite course. We wrote an in-depth review, and we think that it has the highest quality for dialogue material. They offer packages from beginner to advanced students and have really a lot of super audio content.


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Learn Italian with Podcast

Best way to learn italian italianpod101

This is an outstanding course that you can both follow via audio podcast or download.

You will also find a dictionary, a vocabulary database, grammar tools, and definitions, and other valuable benefits.

Learn to speak Italian Online with videos

yabla Best way to learn italian

This is an exceptional tool to learn a language using videos.

It is one of the longest-running multimedia platforms out there. It offers tons of videos at a very competitive price.

Best way to learn italian fluentu

This is an amazing method! It will help you learn Italian with subtitled videos!

It is similar to Yabla, but it offers more content to opt for.

Learn to speak Italian with alternative courses

Italian Uncovered Learn Italian on Your Own

This is quite a unique approach that we really appreciate.

You can learn Italian without studying grammar but just uncovering it from real situations … reading, listening, and speaking.

Take a look at their special “full immersion method.”

Best way to learn italian glossika

Glossika is a tool that focuses on listening and repeating over and over.
It is a bit unconventional but very effective for practising your listening comprehension.
If you use it daily it will surprisingly improve your fluency.

Private lessons via Skype (cost-effective method)

italki Best way to learn italian

If you live outside Italy and don’t have any Italian speaking friends, you must practice your Italian with this tool, at least once a week.
Thanks to Italki, you can get in touch with native speakers via Skype and get a private one-to-one lesson with them.
The lessons are really cheap.
With just over $10 per hour, you will get in touch with real Italians who will help you improve your fluency, vocabulary, and pronunciation and give you immediate feedback on your progress and what you need to work on.
All teachers have tens or hundreds of reviews on which you can base your choice and also offer a trial lesson at a discounted price.
This is a tool to try with your eyes closed.

Learn to speak Italian with apps

Best way to learn italian mondly

Mondly is a much-appreciated learning platform that you can use online or via app.

Learn Italian with music

Learn Italian on Your Own with music Rapid Italian

Music is one of the ways we prefer to learn a language. It is very stimulating, and it is very useful in particular to learn new words and improve your dictionary.

This tool is incredibly powerful and beneficial.

You listen to music, and words and sentences literally carve into your brain while you keep listening to the songs. That’s the point. You are listening to music you are not studying. It is an excellent additional tool to combine, for example, with Rocket Italian.

Other free methods and resources to improve your Italian

Duolingo Italian

Duolingo is one of the most famous and used free tools in the world. It is actually a cool and effective technique to study Italian. But in our opinion it is not enough. You could use it in addition to one of the methods mentioned above.


This is an exceptional on-line vocab training resource that helps you choose ‘training courses’ to learn Italian (or create one by yourself)
Most of the programs additionally include audio.


If there is any Italian phrase, word or idiom that you have no idea how to pronounce, you can look up at this tool. You will listen to a native speaker pronounce it for you.

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