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Learn Italian Online Courses

Angels in the sky speak Italian” says the protagonist of the Confessions of Felix Krull, a novel by Thomas Mann, Nobel Prize in Literature.

Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world, after English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Almost 60 million people in the world speak Italian as a first language. Italian is the 21th-most spoken language worldwide, and it is spoken in 26 countries around the globe.

Many think that Italian is the language of love as you can also read in this very interesting article published by BBC.

Dante Alighieri, one of the greatest writers of all time, is considered the father of the Italian language.

Learn Italian Online Fellini Movies

Why not read the Divine Comedy in the original language?

Watch a Fellini movie in Italian?

Or whisper to your beloved irresistible words of love in Italian.

Language of Love Italian Online Courses

And if you are planning to come to Italy, learning Italian could be the difference, because Italians, especially in the south, don’t speak very good English.

Learning the Italian language is an effort worth undertaking. 

And don’t forget that learning a new tongue is also a way to open up your mind and face new challenges

Learning a new language stimulate your brain and keep your brain sharp.

Learn Italian Online Courses for Business

job search Italy

If you are looking for a job in Italy or if you are seeking employment from a company that is based in Italy, understanding how to read, speak, and write Italian is hugely beneficial. The more fluent you are in speaking and understanding the language, the easier it is to obtain employment opportunities that are right for you and in any industry. It is much easier to communicate with Italian employees and company owners who are native Italians when you begin to learn the language on your own.

Italy is a market full of opportunity for businesses.
Italy boasts some world excellences in many sectors such as fashion, luxury cars, glasses, food and wine. Why not try to work for Gucci, Prada, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Campari? Knowing Italian would definitely give you an extra boost.

Thanks to a professional Italian online course, you will be able to connect with colleagues and clients in Italy and build new relationships with Italian-speaking partners and investors.

Learn Italian Online Courses for Tourists

Learn Italian Online Toursit Menu

If you are planning to visit Italy, learning Italian will allow you better to understand Italian people, their history and their culture.

You will be able to read road signs, menus, buy train tickets and talk to locals who do not always know English well

A native speaker can give you many tips on what to visit, where to sleep and in which restaurants to eat to avoid tourist traps.

Knowing the Italian language will help you to enjoy the wonders of Italy, the Colosseum, the Rinascimento in Florence also to venture off the beaten track and explore the food, wine, shopping and all the Italian excellences that you can enjoy at best thanks to your Italian language repertoire.

Learn Italian Online Free or Paid Course?

learn italian online courses

Signing up for an online course is the fastest and most effective way to learn a new language.

There are several courses, even free, but we believe that paying a fee can have several advantages and can allow you to achieve the goal better.

Paid courses are usually better structured than free courses

The fact of having paid in a sense makes you feel obliged to continue in the class and to honour your commitment

Paid courses often offer 24/7 support and send you reminders about your progress and new lessons to follow.

Learn Italian online. Which course to choose?

Rocket Italian Review Italian Language Online

There are several courses out there from the most disparate prices.

So we would like to give you our advice as users and as Italians.

The course that we want to suggest and present to you is the one of Rocket Italian Languages.

We used their online courses, not learn Italian of course, but for English and French, and we are extremely pleased with the results.

Learn Italian Online Free Resources

There are many free resources online to start. You can take a look, even if we do believe that to do things seriously, you need a paid online course like the one we suggest.

But if you want to take a look at some free resources, we list here those that we think are worth.


This website is developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and contains a selection of the main documents, articles and study on the teaching of the Italian language.


Accademia della Crusca (founded between 1582 and 1583) is probably the most important reference points for the Italian language in Italy and around the world.


Here you can watch Italian public TV programs, with subtitles.


This page has some useful resources even if it’s no more updated

Foreign Service Institute Italian FAST (Familiarization and Short-term Training)  Course.

This is a course made by the US government’s Foreign Service Institute. They used it for training their employees before they were stationed overseas. 


Deciding to learn a new language is the best way to keep your brain active and flexible.

You will create new neuronal connections in your brain while you learn new words, new grammatical structures, new ways of saying.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to read an Italian author in the original language? Dante, Umberto Eco, Ugo Foscolo.
You will be able to read some of the most exciting and moving poems and understand them for yourself.

Not to mention movies, Italian songs, recipes. Everything will be within your reach.

Taking an Italian online course will be more comfortable and more effective for you. You can choose for yourself when you start it, how much time you spend every day and at what pace you can proceed.

If you choose a paid course, you will also have constant support and continuous updates. You will be much more stimulated to move forward.

Start as soon as possible and if you need further advice, tips or even a chat with us to test your improvements, write to us!

We are at your disposal!

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