Hitchhiking in Italy

The world financial crisis has hurt the economy in big nations worldwide. Tourism in the world had a considerable downturn. Plenty of people stopped making travel reservations. However, there is an exciting way to travel without a lot of money. Hitchhiking in Italy can be a solution, but you must be careful.

Hitchhiking is the trendiest way to travel around the world without much money for many Italians and Europeans. So if you are thinking of traveling but if you have a tight budget, hitchhiking in Italy can be the opportunity you´ve been waiting for to get to know lovely Italy.

Be careful while communicating with locals, some Italians do not tolerate the English language, so it is going to be useful to avoid misunderstandings, to write addresses or city names in the Italian language.

Italians are very hospitable, especially in the South and it will be a lot of fun to take a car trip with them.

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