Genoa Nightlife

Genoa nightlife is very lively. You can find convivial bars, small clubs, and restaurants that satisfy every taste along the waterfront Via Gramsci. But more attractive places to drink can be found on the side roads off Via XX Settembre and around Piazza Delle Erbe. Here are some places that one could visit at night:

  • There are excellent bars, restaurants, and lounge bars located in Via San Lorenzo, Piazza San Donato, and Via de Ravecca near Piazza Ferraris.
  • If you like an alternative atmosphere, you could visit Via Garibaldi, Via Maddalena, and adjacent Narrow Street.
  • The Old Port center is the third alternative. There you will find modern Genoa version: you could find ice skating, the Cineplex multiplex, many shops, fashion music bars, and restaurants such as Fronte del Porto or Banano Tsunami.
  • There are a lot of places for snacks and dinner, and also bars. It is located in Corso Italia; for example, you could find the BBQ, the Mako, the Mucca Bar, and the Mae Ma. There are some romantic restaurants in Boccadasse.
  • If you like classical music, opera, and ballet, you could visit the Teatro Carlo Felice located in Piazza Ferrari. Still, it isn’t the unique alternative; Genoa has the Teatro Della Corte. It is located in Via E.F. Duca d’Aosta and the Teatro Duse. It is located in Via Bacigalupo.
  • Some places to listen to good live music: the Borgoclub, to listen to Jazz and Rock, The Madeleine Café, or the Senhor do Bonfim, to listen to pop and indie music and Louisiana, a Jazz Club.

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