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This is one of the most traditional tales in Italy. The origin of Befana comes from the word epiphany. The tale turns into life each 6th of January. People think that La Befana comes to visit children and brings them candies and little gifts.
Here is what the tale says.
Once upon a time, there was an old woman who regretted that she had not helped three wise men, looking for Christ child. That’s because when they knocked on her door the old woman didn’t answer. So, this old woman wanted to fix her mistake. And to do that she prepared a basket of different kinds of candies and go out trying to find Christ child. She knocked on every door to find him, but she couldn´t so she gave all the candies to all the children she found.
La Befana Italy Rome 
Like in the tale, each 6th of January many kind women go outdoors to do the same as the Befana did. One can see many women sitting down on a broom giving everybody candies. Why in a broom? Because many people think that Befana is some kind of good witch.
Children find this tradition very cool even adult people do. But if one wants to get candies from La Befana, he/she must have been good. Otherwise, instead of getting candy you will end up getting charcoal.
La Befana in Italy is the favourite tradition at Christmas time, especially for kids.

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