Palermo Nightlife

Palermo is the most important city in Sicilia this is the reason why you cannot miss the fun because it is a city where you can find many kinds of opportunities for night-time fun with exotic and eastern-style settings.

Borgo Vecchio is the principal meeting place in Palermo it is located between Piazza Sturzo and Piazza Ucciardone. This place attracts all kinds of people especially young people. Other meeting places are the Teatro Massimo and Piazza Olivella that is full of people who wants to meet other people and have a fun time.

In Palermo you can find many places where you can go for fun, here is a list of a few of the many clubs in Palermo. Piazza della Rivoluzione: Here you can taste delicious cocktails and you can find young people from all parts of Italy. Bottiglieria Del Massimo, Via Spinuzza 59: It is located near Teatro Massimo and is a beautiful place where you can find a wine bar with outdoor seating.

  • The American Bar: It is located on the top floor of the Grande Albergo Sole.
  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele 291: It is a great place with a great roof terrace bar and amazing views of the city.
  • Au Domino: It is a historical pub located in Via Principe di Belmonte.
  • Cambio Cavalli: This is a great place in Palermo and one of the first pubs in the city.
  • Chill-out music: It is located in the Moro in Piazza Pottino it has a beautiful atmosphere where you can sit on relaxing rugs and cushions under candlelight.
  • Cambio Cavalli: This is a great place located in Via Patania and is inside a XVII century building where sometimes art exhibitions by different artists are often held.
  • Cuba: It is a private club furnished in Arabic style it is located in the amazing Villa Sperlinga. Here you can sip delicious cocktails and spend a great time.

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