Restaurants in Milan

Here you can find a first list of the best Restaurants in Milan Italy where you can try the must food in Milan.

We have already talked about the exquisite cuisine of Milan. In this section, we are going to list some of the best and most popular restaurants around the awesome city of Milan. If you think about travelling to this city, have a look at this list and make plans to go out for dinner considering these restaurants:

  • Lacerba Restaurant is a place to relax and enjoy drinks and meals. It is an excellent seafood restaurant and a good bar. It is a fabulous choice for an evening. People who come to the restaurant for dinner or just for a drink, get fascinated by it because it has a charming Italian decoration that includes furniture and paintings. If you go to Lacerba restaurant, don’t forget to ask for “Basil and honey”.

Via Orti, 4 20122 Milano (MI) Phone: 025455475

  • Lifegate Restaurant: this good restaurant has elegant furniture with beautiful, oversized lanterns. They change the recipes constantly according to the demands of clients. If you go there ask for a mini-gnocchi.

Via Orti 10 – Milano (MI) Phone: 0254116754

  • La Cantina di Manuela: this comfortable restaurant offers traditional dishes and has an excellent service. Their specialities are wine and cheese. If you go to this restaurant, don’t forget to ask for goat cheese, with delicious honey dressing.

Via Procaccini 41 I – 20154 Milano (MI) Phone: 023452034

  • Rigolo is a warm restaurant that opens its doors to all people who want to taste delicious dishes in Milan. The service is impeccable, and even though it looks like very formal, it is a place to chill out. Try the delightful Tuscan food.

Via Solferino, 11- 20121 Milano (MI) Phone: 39 02 804589

  • Giannino since 1899 has been one of the typical and most delicious restaurants in town. Respecting the Italian gastronomic tradition, the restaurant’s menu offers fresh homemade pasta and traditional Milanese dishes such as Ossobuco, Risotto Alla Milanese and Veal Cutlet.

Via Vittor Pisani, 6

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