Study and Work in Italy

It would be a fantastic idea to study and work in Italy, but you must be aware that:

The unemployment in Italy is one of the highest in the world, this fact is mainly because of the division between south and north, the north part of Italy is highly industrialized, and the south part is not. The rich people live in the north of Italy, and the biggest companies are also there.

The world crisis is another fact, the world crisis, just like in a lot of countries, hit Italy hard, and that is why the unemployment rate went up.

But there are a lot of opportunities for foreigners; educational institutions contract people from abroad or native speakers to improve the teaching level of English.

The quality of educations is another fact. Italy changed its policy of education according to the European Union, so the children and young ones in Italy can compete with any other children or young people in the European Union.

Working in Italy

If we talk about professional jobs in Italy, you will find difficulties because most jobs require that you speak Italian and be an expert, but once you meet these requirements, the market will open to you.

If you are professional, you can have access to some options like tourism, where the market is always looking for fluent speakers, of course teaching English will be another option. The industry of technology will be open to professionals as well. It may be recommended to contact the companies through the internet because they always post their positions on their web pages. It is also a good idea to have a master degree since it is necessary for every job in the industry of technology in Italy.

The fashion industry is at its in Italy, Milan is the fashion capital.

Because of the industries situated in the northern part of Italy, these companies often need engineers to work with them; of course, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Studying in Italy

Italy is a magnet for students; one of the most demanded ones by students is architecture, why is it in high demand? Because architecture in Italy is excellent and the level of their professionals is also one of the best in Europe.

Italy is one of the precursors of the European space of technological education. So if you look for a good university you may find some in Italy, one of the 100th best colleges in the world is La Sapienza University in Rome, and its best performance is in social sciences and humanities fields. The University of Torino and Politecnico in Milan are some of the best in the applied science field.

If you doubt study abroad in Italy in one of the most popular universities, we recommend you to watch the real-life cams of the best Italian universities and students here.

If you are thinking of studying abroad, we also recommend you to think of Italy as a strong candidate, because of its universities and because the cost of living is not too high. Think about it, who would not choose one of the best places to live and a country with one of the best education in the world?

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