Venice Lace

Venice lace is another tradition to discover in the town. Burano is the principal place where lace is produced. Burano was considered the Capital of Merletti, and Burano women are considered the best Italian-lace makers because they use a unique technique called Punto in Aria. Anyway, there are other kinds of techniques such as Punto a Reticello, Punto Tagliato, Punto Tagliato a Fogliami, Punto in Aria, Punto di Venetia, etc. Many of the most important fashion houses use these laces for their clothing. There are many kinds of laces, such as simple laces with common threats and the most luxury laces with golden and silver threats.

Venice lace

Maybe, the leading shop to buy laces in Venice is Jesurum with two shops. The first one is located in Merceria San Salvador 4857, San Marco; the other one is located at Piazza San Marco 60-61. Their products are very expensive, and that is the reason why only wealthy people can afford those products. Still, if you want beautiful and cheap laces you can try the big Kerer showroom, located in the Palazzo Trevisan-Cappello.

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