Shopping in Venice

Venice was into the trade of silk, spices, and precious merchandise in the past. It was a bridge between East and West. Venetians sell shoes, jewelry, textiles, the printing of the highest quality, and others. For this reason shopping in Venice even in our days is something really unique.

Nowadays, there are touristic shops where you can buy masks and plastic gondolier shirts, but the costs are high. There are also many “bottega”, which are Venetian stores, with workshops at the same place; there are artists who create beautiful handmade works with the best materials. You can usually find traditional pieces, but it is notable that the new generations create original and contemporary designs and sell them at really high prices.

La Mercerie” is the most famous shopping area in Venice since the Middle Ages. It goes from Piazza San Marco to The Rialto Bridge that links a set of narrow streets. In
“La Mercerie” you can find things such as designer clothing, products, footwear, glass products, lines, and books.

The parallel street to La Mercerie is Dei Fabri; it is also one of the most famous shopping streets. Another important street is Frezzeria, which is located west of the Piazza San Marco, and it is full of unique shops. If you want to find the most excellent selection of traditional Venice lace and glass pieces, you could take a boat to the islands of Burano and Murano, then you’ll find what you are looking for.

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